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If you are planning to retire in Costa Rica you will need some guidance without a doubt. Unless you have the right team helping you make sound decisions in Costa Rica you are risking everything you hope to achieve.

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Rick Abbott

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REal estate

If you are looking for a house or a place to stay while you´re in Costa Rica, we are here for you.

Rent a car

Stop looking for a car and let us so that for you.


Avoid surprizes and any kind of problems when you are buying a property, don´t let the  new rules ruin your business.

want to take a tour

We got you covered, just call us and explain what is exactly what you want to do and we will make the arrangements.

Looking for furniture

If you got your looking for some furniture to use in your house, we can make that for you at a great price.

Simple and Affordable Local Experts That Have Your Back

We encourage you to browse any and all real estate websites in the southern zone of Costa Rica looking for what interests you, we work as exclusive agents for you in Costa Rica, our job is to keep you out of reach of the predators and well within reach of the local prices and expert services. Banking, car purchases and property purchases are often hazardous to your pocket book and in some cases just a flat out scam!.. our lawyers and local connections have seen all the scams and dealt with them accordingly…We have built homes, relocated businesses and families plus provided countless hours of consultation to hundreds of clients, our fees are nothing considering the savings we will make you on whatever you are negotiating in Costa Rica, once we are working for you the reality of getting it done will begin, start your adventure out on the right foot drop us a line today … Pura Vida



Rick Abbott

Rick Abbott

Broker / Consultant

Rick came to Costa Rica over 15 years ago from Alaska. His mission was to write a book and return to the Bering sea when he had finished his Costa Rican adventure, but the adventure never ended and he is still in Costa Rica and his book has been published. Throughout the years Rick has bought and sold properties and helped many others do the same. So 10 years ago Rick decided to start Planet Costa Rica with a focus on Real Estate and Relocation, we have witnessed many many foreigners relocate to Costa Rica without  guidance or in country help and ultimately lose everything.


Remember Costa Rica is in many ways a Jungle literally and figuratively, use our many years of in country experience guide you down the path to success and lets have some fun doing it, Rick can make both of these important tasks happen ! because honestly there is not many better qualified CR consultants than Rick in all phases of your Costa Rican Adventure, going on 20 years in Costa Rica, fluent in Spanish and a permanent CR resident, Welcome To The Jungle !

Buy My Book

Rick Abbott’s first hand account of his life as an Alaskan commercial crabber, fisherman and unchained free spirit takes the reader on an unforgettable rollercoaster adventure set in one of the most extreme environments in the world. It is an intimate account told with uncanny honesty, revealing all the highs and lows of a man refusing to conform in a search of his and our true spiritual destiny. Captain Abbott’s wild ride profoundly changed his life and may change the reader’s as well.

Josh is another hard working Alaskan who joined Rick in paradise over 5 years ago and is an important partner in all operations.


Josh is always scanning websites all over the southern zone for fire sales and or amazing local deals, this task has immeasurable value to our clients because every now and again in CR you will see an absolutely outrages bargain and we like to stay on top of these deals, Josh also heads up our relocation services here and keeping the clients taken care of while they navigate the cities and beaches, looking for the items they require to make there experience a smooth ride, Josh has a background in the oil industry near prudhoe bay Alaska.


He worked on oil rigs and in his spare time restored old muscle cars and I will guarantee you, having a good honest mechanic in our team is invaluable, our team team is well equipped to get you out of any Costa Rica jam and back on the road to your dreams, we are just knowledgeable local experts who have the many diverse assets needed in country to turn your adventure into a winning one, construction,road building, water systems,electrical,political,residency,car purchase and repair,vacations and much much more, if we cant make it happen then we will find the right local experts that can…Welcome To The Jungle !

Josh Gearing

Josh Gearing

Listing Agent / Consultant

Your dream life awaits your arrival

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